This eve 2/28/23 6:30pm Lincoln/DataPortal, David 1031/DSTs, Melanie "7 Step Tax Solution", BLOGS, JLC Live!


 Good morning,

So much for all the snow forecast for Today, anyone need a dozen extra Market Basket $8.99 shovels or 20 bags of Sand & Salt;-) Actually. I'm sure we'll use them but I also like to put them out for our Tenants, anyway, with this message:

"Here are Shovels, Sand & Salt. Our crews will get to your snow BUT If you need to get out sooner, you can start with these items!, Mike"

I know, No Marco's famous Pizza, or Pete's Great showroom or get to see our Peers (& competitors;-) I'm disappointed also.

Mike Hurney is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: 2/28/23 Main Meeting

Time: Feb 28, 2023 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 822 2836 3572 Passcode: 770029

Last Voice Blast

Good morning this is Mike Hurney at

About This evenings meeting. (Because of the forecasted Snow?) we Will be on ZOOM, ton of stuff to go through, so I look forward to see you there!

Of Course we begin with Lincoln’s Real Estate Market Update!

-He’ll be using a great Data Portal from my friend Jeremy at HomeWorthi if you’re a current member there’s no charge for you to use this, as you work your Market

I think you’ll be impressed!

It has Current Home Values, Current Rents, Real Estate Tax Rates, Resident Characteristics (income levels), etc, this is covering the whole USA, Great Info if you’re looking out of State.

Short Video, Let me know if you want to have David in person at one of our meetings?

-Master 1031 & DST expert David Gorenberg & a Qualified Intermediary.

Another Video

Again, these folks in person at an upcoming meeting?

-Tax Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line: Bryon & Melanie "Our 7 Step Tax Solution" short video. OneStopTaxStrategies with Melanie

1. Don’t pick the wrong Entity.

2. Use the Augusta Rule.

3. Kids on the Payroll.

4. An ebb tide Lowers all Boats.

5. Kick the Can Plan.

6. Hangover Pills.

7. Get your money for Nothing & Your dreams, Tax Free.

Blog (So that our emails get shorter and to the point)

Topics for our 2/28 Meeting, also located on our

*Best, unsolicited, Marketing piece I've received.

*Invasive RE Tax Assessors Update form?

*Commonwealth of Massachusetts Emergency Rental Assistance 2022-23.

*Have you received your Home Depot Rewards (biannual) Rewards 2/9/23?

*Commercial RE Lending slows Q4 2022.

*New Hampshire Legislative issues that affect Landlords, Investors & Contractors.

**Lansing, our Commercial Roofing supplier, just sent me complementary tickets to the Providence JLC LIVE Residential Construction show March 24-25 Exhibition Hall portion

Again - this is Mike Hurney at

This Evenings meeting. (Because of the forecasted Snow;-) Will be on ZOOM,

POSTED This morning on ton of stuff to go through, so I look forward to see you there!

Mike Hurney, Director, & PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 (Regular Meetings: No charge to Members, Only $25/guests, Only $99/year to join. $149/year starting March 1, 2023

and Of course you know our Regular meetings are just North of Boston, Massachusetts and a little South of Nashua, New Hampshire!


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